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Site-specific sound and light installallations exploring sequences of pattern, order, rhythm and routine.

Preview 7-10pm 26th September 2013
Exhibition 7-10pm 27th-29th September 2013

230 Bow Road, London E3 3AH    MAP

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Project Outline
Sequence is the third in a series of site-specific exhibitions to be held at Bow Church by Parallel Relay – a collaborative project by sound artist Esther Ainsworth and light artist Kirsty Dixon.

The exhibition further explores the history of Bow Church and the uniqueness of its location, isolated in the centre of a dual carriageway.

Light and sound sourced from the location are manipulated and relayed back within the building to create site-specific installations.

Esther Ainsworth Work Statement
Collecting data and daily recordings from the never ceasing flow of the traffic, which surrounds Bow Church, this new work focuses on the use of digital technology to create a series of patterns and sequences which form parameters for the production of a series of soundworks

Kirsty Dixon Work Statement
Kirsty Dixon's work utilises the transformative effect of light, shadow and darkness, exploring the way these elements can affect our perception of locations, objects and emotions.

The new work for this exhibition focuses on the sequences of time, routine and order associated with the church and the surrounding road. Visual patterns, rhythms and sequences are captured and transformed into light sculptures. Layers of imagery are built up to reflect the repetition of everyday routine, the passage of time and the flow and pace of change.

Throughout its tumultuous 700 year history Bow Church has been weathered, battered, ravaged and bombed. Rebuilt, remodelled and repaired over the centuries it stands on as a landmark and sanctuary, reflecting the changing nature and resilience of the community surrounding it. The building is an architectural patchwork, expressing different eras in style and material, an ageless symbol of longevity amidst the whirl of change which has taken place around it.

For centuries Bow Church’s island location occupying the middle of the road enabled it to be the centre of the community. However, as the highway expanded into the busy A11 dual carriageway it has become isolated by its location. Its stillness and timelessness amidst the din and roar of passing traffic making Bow Church an important landmark to some and invisible to others in the speed of daily commuting.

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