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Parallel Relay Exhibition
Site-specific sound and light installallations and live performance, exploring the church's unique location trapped in the centre of a dual carriageway.

Preview 7-10pm 1st November 2012
Exhibition 7-10pm 2nd-4th November 2012

230 Bow Road, London E3 3AH    MAP

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Project Outline
Parallel Relay is a collaborative project by sound artist Esther Ainsworth and light artist Kirsty Dixon, exploring the history of Bow Church and the uniqueness of its location, isolated in the centre of a main road.

Light and sound sourced from the location are manipulated and relayed back within the building as site-specific installations.

The work explores the conflict between the overwhelming noise and stress of the road and the serenity and contemplative atmosphere found within the church.

Analogue and digital technologies are used, drawing parallels between the power of religion in past centuries and technology in the current one, the alternation and exchange between the two mirroring the divide and interplay between old and new, past and present.

Esther Ainsworth Work Statement
For this four-day installation, live sound is relayed from the surrounding environment of the church, focusing on the movement of the busy main road. Speakers placed inside the church cast sound into the interior, resulting in a piece that is shaped by the acoustics of the church and the fluctuating patterns of the outside world.

This evolving, immersive environment becomes the starting point for a series of performances and improvisations responding to the patterns of the traffic, using the musical instruments which are fundamental to the church.

It is hoped that this project will literally give the church a voice through sound, creating a virtual bridge between the church and its community.

Kirsty Dixon Work Statement
Kirsty Dixon explores the transformative effect of light, using it to reinterpret existing features in the church and recreate elements of the building lost through time and damage in the form of ‘light shadows’.

Footage and sequencing from the road surrounding the church are captured, altered and relayed inside the building. The intensity of the traffic is transformed into rhythmic sequences, creating tranquil and mesmerizing patterns of colour and light. The abstraction and simplification of real time footage allowing the viewer to associate their own thoughts and experiences with the imagery, replicating the contemplative and reflective atmosphere found in a place of worship.

In its 700th anniversary year Bow Church stands defiant; weathered, battered, ravaged and bombed. Rebuilt, remodeled and repaired over the centuries it stands as a landmark and sanctuary, reflecting the changing nature and resilience of the community surrounding it. The building is an architectural patchwork, expressing different eras in style and material, an ageless symbol of longevity amidst the whirl of change which has taken place around it.

For centuries Bow Church’s island location occupying the middle of the road enabled it to be the centre of the community. However, as the highway expanded into the busy A11 dual carriageway and the parish community dwindled, it has become isolated by its location. Its stillness and timelessness amidst the din and roar of passing traffic making Bow Church a landmark to some and invisible to others in the speed of daily commuting.

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