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The concluding exhibition of the Bow Church residency, exploring the tumultuous history of Bow Church and its unique location, isolated in the centre of a busy dual carriageway.

Preview 6-9pm 28th November 2013
Exhibition 6-9pm 29th Nov - 1st Dec 2013

230 Bow Road, London E3 3AH    MAP

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Live Performances
Bell Ringing – Opening the show 6pm Thursday 28th November 2013
Traffic Jam – (Improvisation orchestra) 8pm Thursday 28th November 2013*
Traffic Jam – (Improvisation orchestra) 8pm Saturday 30th November 2013*
*Please bring any instrument or object of your choice to participate in the improvisation orchestra

Project Outline
Convergence is the anniversary celebration of Parallel Relay’s residency at Bow Church, utilising and elaborating on the tumultuous history of the church and the uniqueness of its location, isolated in the centre of a busy main road.

The work explores the conflict between the overwhelming noise and stress of the road and the serenity and contemplative atmosphere found within the church.

Parallels are drawn between the omnipotence of current technology and of religion in past centuries.  Both analogue and digital technology feed into the creation of the work, the alternation and exchange between the two mirroring the divide and interplay between old and new, past and present.

Throughout this twelve-month residency, light and sound have been sourced from the location and subtly manipulated and relayed back within the building to create works that interpret and transform the space and how it is experienced.

Esther Ainsworth Work Statement
Esther has concentrated on the creation of a series of site-specific sound works considering the placement of Bow Church, surrounded by a constant flow of traffic.  Alienated by its location, the church is both a landmark to some and unnoticed by others in the speed of daily commuting.

For Convergence, elements from each previous show will be brought back to the church to create a celebration of the research and work completed over the last year. 

Live sound will be relayed from the surrounding environment of the church and cast back into the interior, creating an immersive experience, which is shaped by the acoustics and architecture of the building.

A series of performances will take place throughout the duration of the exhibition, including a bell ringing, which will be based on a transcription of live patterns from the fluctuating traffic outside.  There will also be an open invitation to members of the public and the church congregation to perform as part of an improvised orchestra responding to the patterns of the traffic, using the musical instruments/objects of their choice.

It is hoped that, through sound this project has created a virtual bridge between the church and the local community.

Kirsty Dixon Work Statement
Kirsty Dixon brings together a series of light works exploring the history of Bow Church and its unique location.

Light patterns captured from the building and road are abstracted, filtered and recreated as light sculptures. 

The use of digital technology alludes to the current shift from physical to virtual communities, as well as the networks of road and religion, layers of individual lights weaving the stories of past and present.

The main window of the church becomes a live stained glass window, the repetition and routine of the traffic reflecting the passage of time and flow of change over Bow Church’s 700 year history.  Elements of the building lost through Blitz damage are recreated as 'light shadows' and ancient features of the building, such as the font, are utilised to capture and create a sense of physicality for the light works.  The solidity and timelessness of the structures contrasting with the translucency and intangibility of the light installations, reflecting the transient nature of history without a physical object to preserve it.

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